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Upgrading yourself doesn't have to be rocket science.

  1. Figure out who you want to become: “Future You”
  2. Figure out what goals/achievements separate Future You from Current You.
  3. Work backward to break those goals into recurring 10–20 minute micro-activities.
  4. Do those micro-activities regularly until Current You = Future You.

If you…

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Compound your environment + micro-activities to make progress automatic.

As a human, your identity is constantly changing.

You’re steadily being molded by the inputs you let into your life: the media you consume, the people around you, the activities you do every day.

Most people have no idea this is happening.

But that allows you to slowly be…

It’s inside you, too. Photo by Bret K. on Unsplash

Minutes later, you experience a half-second of frustration.

They ask: “Another cup of coffee?”

You wander into the kitchen in a haze. You open the bag of Kettle Chips.

You look down. The bag’s empty.

Your phone lights up. It might be important.

Vishnu Kumar

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